3 Easy Recipes With Sweet Potato Juice

Written by: Georgina Ingham | Posted: 26-02-2021

3 Easy Recipes With Sweet Potato Juice
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Sweet potatoes are so versatile, plus they're a great way to improve your well-being. Juicing this vegetable will unlock these health benefits. For example, you will be able to use it to help stabilize blood sugar. This reduces your chances of heart disease. Sweet potato juice can help you clean out the intestinal tract. This will promote a healthier digestive system. Additionally, sweet potato contains magnesium. This helps lower your stress levels. Let’s look at some of the best recipes that use sweet potato juice. 


How Do You Make Sweet Potato Juice?

Before we can talk about how you can use sweet potato juice, we need to discuss how you make it. First, you will need to wash it thoroughly with water. Then, you will need to peel off the skin. Next, you will need to use a knife to chop the potato into smaller chunks. These should be small enough to fit into your juicer. 


When you are ready, turn the juicer on. Feed the sweet potato into the machine, according to the juicer’s instruction manual. This will produce an orange liquid. You can drink this by itself. Or you can add it to other ingredients to form a delicious juicy blend. 




Turmeric, Orange, and Sweet Potato Juice

If you’re looking for a quick and easy juice recipe, this could be the one for you. The orange and sweet potato flavours complement each other well. Turmeric has been linked to over 500 health benefits. Plus, it’s easy to make. 


First, you will need to wash and peel one sweet potato. Chop it up into small pieces ready for juicing. Wash, peel, and cut two apples and one orange. You will also need to prepare one carrot and 4 stalks of celery. Then, you will need to wash three inches of turmeric. 


Once you have all the ingredients ready, you can start juicing them. Feed each one slowly into the machine. When you are finished, you can stir the mixture together. Now you are ready to enjoy the deliciously healthy juice. 


Sweet potato & orange juice in glass


Sweet Potato, Apple, and Ginger Juice

If you want something that offers an amazing set of flavours, while keeping you healthy, you can’t overlook this juice. The ginger will give it a bit of a kick. If it’s too much, you can always adjust the amount that you are using to make it more comfortable for you. 


First, you’ll need to wash a large sweet potato. If you don’t want to peel it, you don’t have to. But it will produce a darker colour. You’ll also need to wash a four-inch piece of turmeric. You’ll need to wash and prepare one large apple and two stalks of celery. Finally, prepare about one inch of ginger.


Once you have all the ingredients, you can juice them together. It’s best to juice the turmeric and the ginger first. Once you have the juice, you can finish it by pouring it on top of a celery stick. Seal the bottle and give it some time to steep in the fridge. This can often take a few hours. Though the mixture can last for around two hours in the fridge. When it’s ready remove the celery stick and enjoy. 




Sweet Potato Carrot Juice

Thirdly, you might want to try combining sweet potato with carrot juice. This also has plenty of health benefits. If you want something that will be a low-calorie juice, this can be the perfect option for you. It also only takes a few minutes to prepare properly. 


First, you will need to prepare the ingredients. In this case, you will need to get a large potato. Wash and peel it. You will also need to peel one large orange. Wash three carrots and two stalks of celery. Lastly, you will need to wash a red bell pepper. Core and seed it. 


Once you have the ingredients ready, you can start juicing them. When you are ready to serve, you will be able to add them to a glass filled with ice. 





There are plenty of ways that you will be able to use sweet potato juice. Not only does this add a new level of flavour, but it will also improve your health. We’ve looked at three great recipe ideas for you to try. Feel free to experiment with these. Add in new fruits or vegetables. 


It’s also important to make sure that you get a good juicer. This will last for a long time. It will also need to be tough enough to deal with sweet potatoes. If you want to purchase a new one or upgrade an existing one, there are plenty of options to choose from. This juicer guide will talk you through some of them, so you can find the right one for you. 


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How to make Sweet Potato Juice, plus 3 deliciously tempting, incredibly healthy recipes to try.


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